Leadership Development Coaching

Every leader has different skills and strengths that make them the leader that they are.  Some leaders are more of a “lead by example” type of leader and others are more of a “train and educate” leader.  Some leaders are outgoing and feel at ease in front of groups, others are outgoing one to one and excel at developing individual leaders.

No “type” of leader is best. What we want to do is discover what is the leadership style of the manager or department head, and use that skill to its highest potential rather than try to fit a square peg into a round hole therefore causing undo stress.

By utilizing the Birkman Method® assessment results, we have access to the person’s leadership strengths and can work on developing those other areas where the individual might feel less at ease.  It is personally adapted leadership development coaching so as to elicit the most growth in a person’s leadership.


Management Training

One aspect of LRW Consulting is a focus on Executives and Managers effectively managing their departments and teams based on what people need to excel in their accountability.  

If you have a newly promoted manager, they may easily move into the management role of their new accountability. Others might need hands on training to have them become the leader and manager you need.

How do you know what people need to excel?  And do all people need the same thing?  What is effective with one employee might cause undo stress for another.

Knowing the answers to those questions and being able to see what people need, gives LRW Consulting the ability to coach Executives and Managers effectively so they can excel in their management skills and leadership development.