Meet Leslie

Leslie Williams is a professionally trained speaker, instructor and consultant who specializes in management and leadership development, business performance, productivity and time management coaching. Leslie pulls from her 25+ years of experience with leadership development and management training to provide sound business consulting and programs that have clients look at their management styles and leadership to impact the productivity, performance, and organizational focus in the workplace.

Leslie formed LRW Consulting in 2008 and has since been coaching small business owners in the growth and performance of business ownership. Leslie is an experienced speaker and program leader; including strategic planning workshops, productivity and performance programs, in addition to one-to-one consulting. She became a Certified Birkman Consultant in 2005 through Birkman International. 

Leslie’s professional history includes coaching leaders and executives in many high level organizations, such as North Highland Worldwide Consulting,  Baumgartens, Inc., SunTrust Bank, Southern Resources, JMB-Media, EKS Marketing, and Wells Fargo Bank, providing leadership development and training.  She has been coaching people in productivity and reaching their goals for over 25 years. 

Prior starting her own consulting firm, Leslie worked in the personal development/leadership training profession.  She has trained well over 7,000 people in project design, from implementation and development through completion. As well as in the areas of leadership, communication, team-building, career development, achieving life goals and creating profoundly fulfilling relationships. Leslie is a highly skilled facilitator and leads programs to empower people to fully express themselves in their communities to make a difference in those communities.  

Leslie has a BA in psychology from Skidmore College. She studied post graduate work in Art Therapy at New York University in 1988 through 1994.  Leslie has been married since 1998 and is the mother of a wonderful son. She has lived in Atlanta for over 21 years.