“I have hired Leslie to deliver her Time Management seminar at PreVisor twice. The participants raved about the seminar the first time and some of the original attendees came to “review” the seminar because they loved it so much. Leslie is not only professional, but communicates well with employees at all levels and finds a way to connect with them personally while driving for business results. I would highly recommend anyone take her time management course, Living in the Now: The Overwhelm Solution. I have taken several time management seminars and this is the only one where I still use the tools today, and I took it over 4 years ago!” February 24, 2009


“When you are at that point in your business, when you’re not sure what to do next, I have the answer. Call Leslie! She has done this over and over, and she knows business. She can help you work through those tough times, and help you plan to overcome future obstacles. She is a great person, and is glad to share her knowledge.” March 26, 2009


“Leslie fully realizes the challenges facing today’s Sales and Marketing professionals. She was able to give me specific targets in the marketplace to focus on, and advised me on how to best nurture those new relationships. She is intelligent, creative, and attentive. I highly recommend her services.” August 15, 2011
“Leslie is a joy to work with and possesses competencies that few people have or ever hope to master. Her greatest skill is the ability to work with many types of personalities and can defuse stressful and difficult problems with ease and professionalism.” February 25, 2009